How graphene looks like?
Graphene-XT produce a solution gray-black that can be applied on every kind of substrate.
On which surface graphene can be deposited?

Graphene-XT is able to coat almost every kind of substrate, varying from polymers, metals, glass, ceramics, paper,… also with complex shapes.

What is graphene ink?

Graphene ink looks similar to traditional inks; making it suitable for designing and printing conductive paths on every kind of surface.

What are the advantages of the graphene commercialized?

Graphene-XT suspension does not have issues of delivery and handling compared to powder graphenes. Its formulation makes it suitable to be applied on a multitude of different materials and shapes. Its production is easily scalable, environmetal friendly and suitable to produce taylor made solutions.

Is your graphene conductive?
With our graphene is possible to create a conductive layer on any isolating substrate. The properties will depend on the loading amount and on the transparence required. We can produce coatings with sheet resistance as low as 4ohm/sq/mil
May I have a quote for your graphene?

Graphene-XT does not sell its graphene formulation. Special customized formulations can be discussed for each particular client need.

How can graphene help in filtration?

Graphene can be used for filtration purposes such as desalination by increasing the speed with its lubricant properties. Our graphene can be used to customize membranes and filters for your goals.

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