Who We Are

Gnext is a relatively young company but relying on a solid background; our team members have been actively working in developing graphene applications since 2008.
Our strong expertise, both in academic research and industrial production, is the backbone of the company, while the ability to think outside the box is our added value.
Graphene, often praised as the miracle material, actually still lacks a “killer application”,to transform this innovative material in a mature industrial technology. That’s why our company is focused on results and dedication rather than on advertising on journals, collecting public funding or writing academic publications. Our vision is to invest continuously in research, in order to create new hi-tech materials, starting from our staple products and technology. One of our main goals is the establishment of an innovative graphite exfoliation procedure through a green approach that takes scalability and flexibility into great account. Of course, we care about the environmental impact of any procedure involving our products and technology. In fact, the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly additives, together with a high yield of raw materials recycling to avoid production waste, is a fundamental aspect of our work.
GNext expertise is ideal to foster the transition of your target graphene applications from lab scale to industrial scale, towards commercialization. Our company actively collaborates with the customer, enhancing its products and designing personalized solutions that fit any kind of application.

Reliable, flexible, environmentally aware. This is GNext.