Start experience with the next generation materials

Start experience with the next generation materials

The miracle material

Graphene is often mentioned as the miracle material, with new possible applications discovered every day in different fields, from electronics to biology. The great interest existing on this material is evident looking at publications, patents or main research projects announced worldwide every day.


The huge technological potential of graphene and its unique properties were the main inspiration for the creation of GNext company. This allowed as well the development of a unique and innovative technology – Carbon Ligi.

Incredible Options

Concretely, many products hatched out of the starting idea, meant for various different applications: from conductive films and inks to composites and gas barriers. These are just a few examples of our graphene-based creations.

Sustainable solution

GNext is environmentally aware. Our commitment is reflected by our sustainable process, which does not rely on harmful chemicals.

We are able to produce on large-scale ultrathin films through an easy, low-cost and versatile coating process.

We offer to our customers products of high quality together with skilled technological counseling, keeping at the same time very competitive costs.

Our service

There is great hype on graphene, but this can have some downside, with many graphene-based products available on the market featuring uncontrolled composition and unreliable quality.

Just adding graphene as an ingredient to a standard product shall not give the desired results; proper processing and correct application is instead required to fully exploit the unique properties of graphene.

For this reason, we decided to implement a unique strategy. GNext does not sell its patented graphene dispersions or inks, neither it is possible to find GNext products or related equipment on sale. What we provide is our service, which features coating or printing graphene on either GNext
substrates or customer’s defined materials.

Let’s start from your idea, through a synergic cooperation we will make it real

Our company actively collaborates with the customer, enhancing products and designing personalized
solutions. Give us your commercial substrate, and we will coat graphene on it.
Our know-how features both academic and industrial expertise and that’s the key to a successful
integration of our hi-tech materials into your specific industrial field.
We will tailor our approach based on your needs, turning your projects into reality.